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The Fanning Sisters Cover W’s December Issue (Forum Buzz)

W December 2011 Issue - Dakota & Elle FanningThe Olsen twins aren’t the only ones who can pull of a great sister cover. Dakota and Elle Fanning are December’s cover girls for W magazine and Fashion Spot forum members couldn’t be happier. 

“They look so pretty,” wrote YoninahAliza. “I love seeing the two of them on a cover together and this is probably my favorite W cover in ages.”
“I love sister love on covers!” MulletProof exclaimed. “They're both adorable, I sometimes find Elle a little too young to be pushed so much into an industry that messes up the head of most people her age but I guess it helps that she's continually working with her sister and that she [Dakota] has continued to prioritize her education and serve as a good role model. They're both pretty, talented girls… and both down to earth too, kind of like a modern, underage version of Catherine Deneuve and Françoise Dorléac.”
“I know Elle is very young but I just can't get enough of her in magazines, she photographs so well,” Melancholybaby posted. “The cover is soft, delicate and season-appropriate and I'm loving it,” he added.
The cover looks so good that you don’t even have to like the Fanning sisters to be a fan of it. “What a a beautiful cover. Not into these teen actresses or their styles, but this is stunning!” Miss Dalloway admitted.
I’m excited (as usual when it comes to W) to get this issue in the mail. Their covers and content are consistently great.

Image via the Fashion Spot forums.