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H&M Wants a Bit of Tom Ford’s Magic (Forum Buzz)

Tom FordBusiness Week is reporting that H&M would love to follow up its Versace collaboration collection with a line by Tom Ford. H&M’s creative advisor Margareta van den Bosch called Ford, “an interesting name,” and said she “wouldn’t mind” a collaboration with the famed designer. But, despite these comments, it seems like this is nothing more than a rumor. Van den Bosch claims that there has been no contact with Ford, and a Tom Ford spokeswoman refused to comment. With his insistence on the highest quality and his penchant for exclusivity, I really can’t see a Tom Ford for H&M collaboration in the cards, and neither can most of the Fashion Spot forum members who weighed in (as much as they would like to see it happen).  

“Well that would just be a load of hypocrisy coming from the man who is so 'exclusive' (not to mention arrogant) that he won't even release photos from his runway collection before it hits stores,” wrote ALAUU.
Hautechild posted: “Well just because H&M would like it doesn't mean it's going to happen! This would be really surprising to me, and kind of the antithesis of Tom Ford's usual standpoint. So I can't see it happening but then if you'd asked me a while ago if we'd ever have seen Lanvin or Versace for H&M, I probably wouldn't have thought that they would have happened either.”
Tigerrouge isn’t so sure that the idea of a collaboration is completely out of the realm of possibility. “[Tom Ford] may currently say he hates mass marketing, but I remember the time when he introduced those Gucci logo ice-cube trays,” she pointed out. “I reckon a man who can do that is a man who'll secretly always be happy to make a buck through the sale of lesser-priced items, as long as he has a high degree of control over the entire collection.”
I will be truly shocked if a Tom Ford for H&M collection pans out. Shocked but pleased. Probably. I don’t believe for a second that I’d be able to get my hands on any of it even if it did happen.