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Overseas Versace for H&M Launch Mayhem

Donatella H&MThe much-anticipated Versace for H&M collection launched overseas today, and it was accompanied by mayhem at the retailer's stores and online. A peek at the goings-on at H&Ms in Europe and Asia will give us a sense of what to expect when the collection hits the U.S. this Saturday.

Shoppers got in line outside London stores the night before, and the launch crashed H&M's UK site. Dressed in a black leather trench and studded pink dress from the capsule collection, Donatella Versace joined British shoppers eager to get their hands on Versace for H&M.

Some Chinese customers paid a premium for the collection, hiring people to hold a place for them in line overnight, so that they could buy up as much as they could carry, to resell later online. Fights broke out among several of the placeholders as morning broke in Shanghai.

For what it's worth, I don't think that all the mayhem is for naught. Donatella designed a chic, stylish collection, preserving the Versace aesthetic and commitment to quality at (slightly higher) H&M prices.

This morning, the designer drew WWD's attention to the studs on her dress: “Usually, with low-cost clothing, they’re pressed on but these are real. And I only worked with pure materials — 100 percent silks and real leather.” I'm so sold. I don't even know if I'll be able to get my hands on any of the pieces, but I'd sure love to.

Image courtesy of The Guardian