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Miss Powerhouse Tyra Banks Covers ‘The Wrong Issue’ of I Love You Magazine (Forum Buzz)

Tyra Banks I Love You magazine coverIt seems like it’s been forever since we’ve seen Tyra Banks’ face on the cover of a fashion magazine, but the wait is over now that Marcus Gaab photographed her for Germany’s I Love You magazine. “Miss Powerhouse Tyra Banks,” as they’re billing her, is featured on “The Wrong Issue” of the little-known magazine, and of course she’s looking fierce. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Tyra though, would we?

“She looks beautiful. I miss her on the pages of normal magazines,” wrote TREVOFASHIONISTO.
MON thought so too. “That’s just beautiful!!! The eyes!!” he exclaimed.
Bertrando3 was also a fan. “LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the cover: great face, eye impact, long neck and Banks smiling like only true supermodels can,” he assessed.
YoninahAliza was on the fence about the magazine, but was definitely on board with Tyra. “Really don't like the layout of this magazine but Tyra looks pretty great. Even if her eye makeup kinda scares me,” she laughed.
The yellow makeup is kind of wild but somehow Tyra manages to pull it off. She’s become a bit of a caricature with all her ANTM antics, but this look is working for me. It’s like she’s trying to remind us all that she actually is a model and doesn’t just play one on TV. Well played Miss Powerhouse.

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.