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Anne Hathaway is Getting Married

Anne Hathaway Gets EngagedGet ready for another round of wedding fever: A-lister Anne Hathaway has just gotten engaged to her boyfriend, Adam Shulman.

The couple's been dating for three years, ever since Hathaway parted ways with the Italian real estate developer Raffaello Follieri after he was convicted of fraud and embezzlement. "When one door closes…"

Actor Adam Shulman has something of a depressing acting career (he followed a performance in Dukes of Hazzard with a role as the "Waiter" in The Gold Lunch), but his career is sure to skyrocket now that he's become Hathaway's fiance and he's cute in a Ryan Gosling kind of way. And I bet he won't be having many run-ins with the law. Look at his face: does that look like the face of a felon?

Anne Hathaway isn't one to take big fashion risks, so we'll likely be seeing the actress walk the aisle in something simple, classic, and elegant.

[via DailyStab & INeedMyFix]

Image courtesy of MSN's Starlounge