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Chloe Sevigny Gets a Controversial Bob (Forum Buzz)

Chloe Sevigny bob hair cut in NYCChloe Sevigny was spotted doing some shopping on Small Business Saturday in New York and she’s sporting a new ‘do. Chloe’s hair has been the subject of much debate since she went dark a few months back, but this new bob in a shade that’s still darker than her usual blonde, seems to be generating even more buzz than before.

Dajrekshn decided that “the bob is both cute and weird at the same time on her.”
“I think the bob is an improvement from the brown hair,” nicolr02  wrote. “Suits her better,” she added.
North posted, “The bob makes her look so much younger!” Meanwhile, Kate_Moore decided: “That haircut makes her look SO much older.” I can’t decided which one of them is right.
Atlantis posted, “Honestly this bob didn't work in the 90s nor does it now. Seriously, Chloe, why why why did you do this?” she asked.
TheCheekyCritic thinks the hair is likely for Chloe’s role in HBO’s Lizzie Borden miniseries. As long as this isn’t her new signature style, I’m kind of alright with whatever kooky look Chloe comes out with. Her decision to wear hot pants in November is questionable but when you’ve got legs like Chloe's I think it might be against the law to not wear shorts every chance you get. There have been weirder laws than that, right?

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.