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Charlize Theron Got Her Gucci On at the Gotham Awards (Forum Buzz)

Charlize Theron in Gucci at 2011 Gotham AwardsCharlize Theron attended the Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York earlier this week decked out in a Gucci dress and fuchsia lips. Forum members were loving her take on the look, especially since that Gucci collection had such a flapper vibe that Charlize was careful not to interpret too literally. 

Saann posted, “She looks so fantastic in the Gucci dress, just love everything about that look. Most people have gone ‘20s in that collection so it's nice seeing it worn a bit differently.”

“Most of the other celebrities who have worn something from that collection pretty much wore the whole runway look,” LolaSvelt pointed out. “It's just so typical and boring (Zoe Saldana and Camilla Belle, I'm looking at you). I love that Charlize (and her stylist) did something different and fresh,” she added.

“Love that Gucci dress. The whole styling is absolutely amazing. Great red carpet look,” Versace-Goddess asserted.

“I really love this fuchsia lips make up. It's brilliant,” wrote Ammarra

Thank you Charlize, for always (or almost always) looking so pretty for us.

Image: C.Smith/