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Looking for Isabel Marant Sneakers? Beware of Fakes! (Forum Buzz)

Isabel Marant’s laid back French designs have the masses clamoring to buy her clothes, shoes, and accessories. One of her most coveted pieces is the Bekket sneaker, which is essentially a high top sneaker with a high heel wedge built in so you get the look of a sneaker with the added height and leg lengthening magic that a high heel would give you. 

Isabel Marant real v fake Bekket sneaker

If you’re looking to get a pair of Bekkets online at a discount then buyer beware. Forum member Aby writes, “Warning to those interested in the sneakers, there are lots of fakes on eBay right now. Be very careful. I saw some bids reaching insane amounts on counterfeits made in China when the shoes are actually made in Portugal.”

Isabel Marant real v fake Bekket sneaker sole

“The fake ones are above,” she explained, showing a photo comparing the real versus fake soles of the shoes. “Some even have a fake Isabel Marant dustbag and box. Same goes for the Bobby sneakers.”

Aby may have already saved at least one person from making an unfortunate buy. “Thanks for the heads up,” Castafura posted. “Was just watching a pair on eBay and chickened out. but now I can see the true difference I won't be making that mistake!”

And now that you’ve read this post, you won’t be making that mistake either. Happy shopping!

Images: carolinedaily, pia75 and officinemode user pics via the Fashion Spot forums.