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Elise Crombez Makes a Comeback With Prada; tFS Forums Rejoice (Forum Buzz)

Prada Spring 2012 - Elise CrombezElise Crombez hasn’t been doing a whole lot of modeling lately, and Fashion Spot forum members have missed her. But, now it appears that Elise will be starring in Prada’s Spring 2012 ad campaign, and forum members couldn’t be more excited.

“This is the biggest comeback in years!” congacon posted.

“Oh my!” MulletProof admired. “She just makes campaigns extra special, I'm glad she's still getting recognized for it, what a treat.”

“This makes me so excited to see more,” TREVOFASHIONISTO commented.

Dior_couture1245 wrote: “Absolutely thrilling seeing Elise back with [Steven] Meisel and especially back at Prada! I've always considered Elise one of my most favorite models, and I've also considered her work with Meisel some of both her and his best to date, and this is no exception! Elise is a modeling star capable of so much depth in front of the camera and is a rare model to be so entirely captivating and compelling, and so consistently, too. Of all the model comebacks we've seen within the last year or two, this is by far the most exciting! Can't wait to see more!”

Prada Spring 2012 ad boards in Tokyo

This is definitely a highly anticipated campaign. Especially since it looks like Daria Werbowy might also be a part of it (is that her face peeking out from behind one of the billboards?). Signage outside of the venue for Prada’s Spring 2012 show in Tokyo today is all we have to go on, but so far so good. I’m going to chime in with the chorus and say that I can’t wait to see more. Rest assured that our forum members will be posting the images as soon as they become available.  

Images: and via the Fashion Spot forums