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You Know Who Else Isn’t Really a Lady Gaga Fan? Tim Gunn.

Tim GunnI frequently complain about Lady Gaga (although, not about her holiday workshop at Barneys New York!) and my views have annoyed plenty of The Fashion Spot's readers. According to some crossover Gaga/TFS fans (and they exist, believe it or not), my critique of the Great Gaga is boring, wrong, stupid, and I should just quit my job, my life, my hopes and dreams.

Too true! But until that happens, I think the great Lady herself can handle the meager servings of humble pie I've been dishing out. Better yet, she can take some humble pie from my beloved Tim Gunn, one of fashion's greatest ombudsmen. He and Gaga have been spatting ever since he said that Hillary Clinton could stand to start wearing different pantsuits and Gaga called him a big "bully" on The View.

Even though even I, the great Gaga grinch, would take the megastars' side in that dispute, Tim decided to keep the spat alive in an interview posted today on Hollywood Life:


“What I’ve said about her is very matter-of-fact. She doesn’t wear clothes, she wears costumes! So would I ever put her on a best dressed list or list her among fashion icons? Of course not."

"She’s remarkably talented and the world’s a better place for having her, but best dressed list? Not in my vocabulary!"

Cue Little Monsters bearing pitchforks. You know that even mild-mannered criticism is Lady Gaga's kryptonite?

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