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Gisele’s New Versace Campaign Leaves Us Divided (Forum Buzz)

Versace is attempting to bring a dose of sexy back with their Spring 2012 ad campaign featuring Gisele Bundchen and Ryan Barrett photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott. The campaign was shot in California’s Sonoran Desert where the models were bathed in bright blue light while they posed among dry grass and a swimming pool. Most forum members agreed that the casting of adults (and sexy ones at that) rather than teen models was a smart move for the brand, but they’re divided when it comes to the blue-tinged ads themselves.

Versace Spring 2012 ad - Gisele Bundchen by Mert & MarcusVersace Spring 2012 ad - Ryan Barrett by Mert & Marcus

“I HATE all that freakin' blue everywhere!!!” valliaddict voiced his violent opposition. “It makes my eyes hurt!!”

RomanXII agreed, “I'm sorry but the blue totally ruins the campaign for me. Not the concept itself, but the fact that it almost made my sensitive eyes water from how BRIGHT the color is. It's painful to look at,” he commented. “Shame cause I LOVE anything with Gisele in it, but this I dislike,” he added.

“I am head over heels for this,” Elfinkova countered. “Both shots are absolutely stellar and make the clothes look fabulous. That's the whole point, no? Seriously though, everyone needs to stop bitching about the blue because the whole collection's theme revolved around water so it's completely understandable as to why they chose the color. Furthermore, I think the combination of the color blue and the desert is an interesting concept. Cannot wait for more shots.” 

Mackos was also a fan: “Being a total sucker for blue, I can’t help loving it,” he posted.

TREVOFASHIONISTO had a more analytical approach to the ads: “I don’t see anything wrong with the blue; the angle is being shot as if the person looking at the models is coming from the water, and isn’t that kind of what we see? Sure, they took sort of a cartoonish approach, but I like it.”

Whether you like the blue or hate it, I don’t think there’s any denying that the ads are utterly Versace when it comes to the aesthetic.

Images: via the Fashion Spot forums.