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Prada Spring 2012 Faces Revealed! (Forum Buzz)

After much speculation in the Fashion Spot forums as to the identities of the other women in Prada’s Spring 2012 ad campaign (we were already over the moon about the return of Elise Crombez), we finally have more images to go on. The newly released images reveal that Elise is joined by models Kati Nescher, Meghan Collison, Natasha Poly, Ymre Stiekema and Katryn Kruger.

Prada Spring 2012 ad photography by Steven Meisel

“I think all of the girls look wonderful,” HeatherAnne posted. “Not all of them are my favorites, but I have to give credit where it’s due because I think they all fit the concept (plus hair/makeup) and manage to shine. Gorgeous colors to these ads, they will look amazing in print,” she added.

Cologne_rocks credited the ads with having “the best Prada campaign casting for over a decade. All girls match the aesthetic,” he asserted.

Prada Spring 2012 ad photography by Steven Meisel

While many of the forum members were thrilled with the model choices, some were disappointed with the look of the campaign. MulletProof was definitely not feeling it. “Wow… now I officially lost interest," she wrote. "This could be an editorial for V magazine or a catalog or one of those annoying advertorials in thick material that just make it hard to flip through the rest of the magazine, it's so contrived and desperate to be visually arresting. The preview totally fooled us into thinking this would be bold but composed with limited elements so that you don't feel bombarded by a bunch of seasonal ‘must-haves.’ Instead it's again a bunch of models, a ridiculous amount of accessories, bags and shoes in your face, silly poses and cheap setting. I get times are hard but ten years ago it was just as uncertain and Prada still managed to be desirable and be a little forward and not just demand to its consumers but create a demanding clientele too. The idea behind the collection may still convey all that, but the way it's presented couldn't feel emptier and older.”

Prada Spring 2012 ad photography by Steven Meisel

*ana* agreed and put it a bit more simply. “I don't get a Prada mood from these ads,” she lamented. “It's more like a (bad) editorial with Prada clothes”

Would you grade this campaign a pass or fail? Something about the bright saturated colors rings a little false in a try-hard way to me, but I tend to come around and appreciate Prada each season so I wouldn’t tear this to shreds just yet. Plus, Elise is in it! Remember?

Images: via the Fashion Spot forums.