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Kate Bosworth’s Casual Candid Style Gets Tongues Wagging (Forum Buzz)

Kate Bosworth candid street styleKate Bosworth was caught by the paparazzi while strolling the streets of Los Angeles wearing skinny black pants, a casual heathered red striped top, Chloé boots, and a structured Prada bag. While it’s kind of creepy that she literally seems to be chased down the street by men clamoring to take her picture, we can’t help but have mixed feelings since we get the chance to check out what she’s wearing.

“She looks cute, her structured vintage-looking Prada bag rocks!” wrote Not Plan Jane.

Versace-Goddess posted, “I like this outfit so much. It´s a mix between cool and chic style.”

“Her bag is the best part of this outfit,” liberty33r1b commented.

Brazilian Girl wrote, “Love this head to toe,” but LuellaLuella couldn’t get on board. “I hate the bun,” she stated.

I guess you can’t win everyone over.