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Fendi’s Spring 2012 Ad is a Flop (Forum Buzz)

Fendi Spring 2012 ad with Arizona Muse photographed by Karl LagerfeldFendi has replaced Anja Rubik with Arizona Muse for its Spring 2012 ads, and the Fashion Spot's forum members are definitely not feeling it. It’s not the worst ad we’ve ever seen (by any means), it just fails to excite in any way.

Melancholybaby posted, “Umm yeah… this is horrible. I loved Anja's campaigns and now Karl [Lagerfeld] replaced her for this?”

Candlebougie called it “a run-of-the-mill ad campaign. Not bad, not that exciting either.”

Psylocke was on the same page: “I agree with those who said this was neither great nor bad,” she wrote. “I must say it looks better than expected (her hair looked horrific in the paparazzi shots from the shooting of this campaign) but I'm not sure what the image is supposed to tell me. Her facial expression, the pose and the lurking guys in the background make me think she's scared of getting her Fendi bag stolen or something.”

Arizona does kind of look like she’s about to break into a run and ward off her oncoming attackers with a swat to the head with her very expensive Fendi bag. The whole vibe doesn’t really entice me to buy Fendi. If anything, it seems like a Public Service Announcement advising against it.

Image: scanned by Northern Star in the Fashion Spot forums.