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Kanye Proves He Is Not Giving Up, Starts Another Twitter Account

Anna Dello Russo in DW by Kanye

Everyone needs a project. My project du jour is seeing how messy my room can be without being unlivable; my kitten keeps busy by following me around; my friend Hans is assisting a bunch of spiders on their mission to defeat the human race; Kanye West has his fashion line, DW by Kanye West. All of these projects contribute very little to society, but we take them on to give our sad, puny lives some semblence of meaning, a sense of purpose.

We'll talk about the Spider Offensive and the piles of clothing on my bedroom floor at a later date—today, we're checking in with Kanye West. After debuting his fashion line in Paris in September, the mogul's Spring 2012 collection was torn apart in the press. Kanye's runway show was amateur hour and only a select few (like Anna Dello Russo, pictured to the right in one of his designs) stepped up to defend him. Kanye, one of fashion's famous narcissists, has an inflated sense of self-worth, so he's persevering despite the meager crumbs of encouragement.

To show the world that Kanye West isn't backing down from his ill-advised fashion career, he's just launched a groundbreaking new Twitter account, @DWbyKanye. Kanye is a Twitter genius. Even though his new account has only four tweets (gems like "Art knows no boundaries" and some broken links) it's already rivaling his personal Twitter (a true masterpiece: Kanye's most recent Tweet was simply, "2012"). Get excited, guys: if Kanye's Fall 2012 collection is anything like his new fashion Twitter, we're in for a real treat.

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Image via the TFS galleries