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Link Buzz: Dakota Fanning for Cosmo & Demi Moore As Gloria Steinem

  • Cosmo put 17-year-old Dakota Fanning on its February cover as a long-awaited admission that teenagers supply the magazine's infamous sex tips. [Styleite]

  • Science has determined that Cosmo is really obsessed with SEX and Vogue is really obsessed with FASHION and I'm really obsessed with TRUTH & BEAUTY. [Fashionista]

  • David Beckham posed in the campaign for his H&M underwear line because he's really, really good looking and thinks his bod will sell lots of underwear to men. [FabSugar]

  • The scariest part of a new year is reckoning with the unknown: like, what will your nails be like in 2012? They better be good or else what's the point, even? [BellaSugar]

  • Demi Moore has been cast as feminist (and style!) icon Gloria Steinem in the Linda Lovelace biopic, alongside Amanda Seyfried (as Lovelace) and James Franco (as Hef). Oh boy. [DailyStab]