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Mila Kunis Models Miss Dior Handbags (Forum Buzz)

Mikael Jansson photographed Mila Kunis for the Spring 2012 Miss Dior handbags campaign. The young actress became highly covetable after her extraordinary performance in Black Swan and though she graced many fashion magazine covers in 2011, this is her first major fashion ad campaign. Dior is clearly poised to take full advantage of Mila’s smoldering good looks and her ads are sure to be a more youthful complement to Marion Cotillard’s ads for Lady Dior. I’m in no way implying that Marion is old by the way. Her ads for Lady Dior tend to be fantastic. Marion is young, Mila is just younger.

Mila Kunis for Miss Dior handbags Spring 2012

Kite posted about the ads saying, “[Mila] looks like a young Marion Cotillard. The pictures look as if Marion had posed for them ten years ago. Such similar faces in these shots.”

Carmen_kass isn’t necessarily thrilled by Mila’s campaign, but concedes that it’s better than that of another young starlet we all know. “It's acceptable, they really have tried to make her look like Marion,” she wrote. “Still I prefer Mila for Dior than Blake Lively for Chanel.”

Mila Kunis for Miss Dior handbags Spring 2012

Alexei found the Marion Cotillard resemblance to be problematic: “Maybe it's just me,” he wrote, “but I seriously don't get this casting choice. Kunis, in my opinion – while talented and very young – far too closely resembles Marion Cotillard. I think, for me, that is what hampers this campaign from being a success. The semblance to Cotillard is far too strong for it to appear as something new or different – even the colors and mood far too closely resemble past Dior bag campaigns that Cotillard has done.”

Mila Kunis for Miss Dior handbags Spring 2012

I personally don’t mind the resemblance to the Lady Dior campaign. My guess is that that campaign has been really successful for them, and the beautiful ethereal tone of the photos clearly works well for both actresses. Congratulations to Mila. This is kind of a big deal.

Images: Dior’s facebook via the Fashion Spot forums.