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Justin Bieber Fronts V Magazine’s Music Issue (Forum Buzz)

Justin Bieber V Magazine coverJustin Bieber is a polarizing figure – it seems like you either have Bieber fever or you don’t. Is there anyone out there who’s just lingering in that neutral territory in between? If yes, then you can join me in that territory. I confess that I have a Justin Bieber song (or two) on my iPod, but don’t tell anyone I admitted to it. I digress, though… the point is, that Justin Bieber is on the cover of V Magazine’s music issue, and forum members seem to either love it, hate it, or put their bias aside and just feel ok about it. “Pop’s Crown Prince” as V dubbed him, was styled by Nicola Formichetti and photographed by Inez & Vinoodh for the cover.

“Wow [this is] the first time I have ever thought he looks attractive,” TREVOFASHIONISTO noted. Obviously, TREVOFASHIONISTO is not a teenage girl.

“Biases aside (I dislike both Bieber and Formichetti) its a pretty good cover,” VogueDisciple93 conceded. “The editorial on the other hand isn't; he looks so feminine, ESPECIALLY in the photo of him in the crown.” Maybe his bias wasn’t completely set aside?

Fashionmypassion described the cover and editorial as a “BIG disappointment! Why [does he have the] same sad face in all the photos??” she asked.

Justin Bieber for V MagazineJustin Bieber for V MagazineJustin Bieber for V MagazineJustin Bieber for V MagazineJustin Bieber for V MagazineJustin Bieber for V Magazine

Here are some possible reasons for the sad face. Maybe now that Justin is turning eighteen, he’s becoming too cool to smile. Maybe it’s lonely at the top and he can’t seem to turn his frown upside down. Maybe he's upset that I don't have a full blown case of Bieber fever. Or maybe he’s just doing his best model impression. Fashion is so serious, right? Choose whichever answer you like best (or make up your own) and go with that.

Image: Nicola Formichetti’s facebook and via the Fashion Spot forums.