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We Get It, You’re Handsome. Brad Pitt Poses for W’s February Cover (Forum Buzz)

Brad Pitt - W magazine February 2012 coverBrad Patt is doing his best casually-disheveled-but-still-perfect pose on the cover of W’s February 2012 Movie Issue, and truth be told, forum members (myself included) are kind of over it.

“This guy again?” ALAUU complained. “As if we don't get enough of Brad Pitt in movies, tabloids, television.”

“That's why I never liked him,” MulletProof noted. “Can't stand that 'am I handsome or what' stare/eyebrows. Ugh.”

For ALAUU it’s actually more the “'I'm handsome, but you should all take me seriously as an actor’ kind of glare in his eyes,” that really gets her.

Fantastical felt that W could have done more with their leading man. She wrote, “What I love about W's covers is that they usually do more with their cover stars to transform them somehow. This just looks like Brad being Brad, which we see all the time in paparazzi pictures. I feel like this could easily be the cover of Vanity Fair. I thought they'd do more for a movie issue.”

Putting Brad Pitt on magazine covers is just getting kind of tired. That being said, I’m not denying that he’s incredibly good looking. It’s not like this issue is going straight into the trash bin when I retrieve it from my mailbox.

Image: W via the Fashion Spot forums.