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Yes or No to Adriana Lima’s Vogue Brazil Cover? (Forum Buzz)

Adriana Lima - Vogue Brazil February 2012 coverBrazilian bombshell Adriana Lima graces the cover of Vogue Brazil’s February issue while working her blue-eyed stare for all it’s worth. While I think Adriana looks fantastic and love the way the colors work together, there are other forum members who aren’t crazy about the cover shot.

MON, who is on the same page as me, posted, “Damn! Vogue Brazil is stepping it up! I love this! It looks very Vogue Italia!… Adriana looks gorgeous! Perfect cover.”

“The eyes on the cover are saying 'buy me', Adriana is so fierce,” Purpledinosaurxo concluded.

JesseDillon liked the cover but thought it could have been pushed a little further. “It just looks a tad bit unfinished to me,” he wrote. “A little more editing to the lighting/cover and it would be perfect.”

Pradable simply is not a fan. “Am I the only one who thinks this cover is completely ugly?” he asked. It turns out that he’s not.

“It looks cheap!” jmrmartinho commented. “It’s a great idea but a bad execution.”

I’ve read all the arguments and I still have no problem with this cover. To each their own.

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.