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Vogue Italia’s ‘Surreal or Real’ February Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Italia Feb 2012 - Laura Kampman by Steven MeiselVogue Italia isn’t afraid to push the envelope and do something different or something with more of an artistic edge, and that’s exactly what they did with Steven Meisel’s image of Laura Kampman on their February 2012 cover. The cover is a mix of avant-garde, high fashion, digital art, and maybe even a hint of Catwoman.

“[I] love that you can never really predict what Vogue Italia is gonna do next. Always interesting,” wrote jeremydante.

Kanna described the cover as “artistic and classic. Really love it!” she commented. “VI's content has been so boring in recent years but their cover is still on a roll.”

Psylocke thought the concept could have been pushed a bit further. “Vogue Italia covers just don't excite me that much anymore,” she lamented. “This is certainly a very nice and elegant cover but there's nothing that makes me want to look at it over again. Forgettable face, boring execution of an interesting concept. Even if this one is meant to be pictorial and static I still wish there would be a tad bit of emotion or attitude coming from a Vogue Italia cover.”

I personally like the unexpected and unusual look of the cover, from the jauntily positioned hat to the gold-tipped talons on the gloves. No previews of the editorial images are available as of yet, but I’m hoping there’s more to explore on this ‘Surreal or Real’ theme.

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.