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Lana Del Rey’s Mediocre Vogue UK Cover (Forum Buzz)

Lana Del Ray Vogue UK coverSince the marketing machine behind Lana Del Rey seems to be determined that she show up everywhere and be on the cover of everything, the young singer has snagged the cover of Vogue UK’s March 2012 issue. Despite Lana’s dagger-like, cat talon nails and her three-finger ring, the cover image is a bit too saccharine for the image she’s trying to portray elsewhere, and doesn’t sit right with Fashion Spot forum members.

Tigerrouge commented, “I thought the cover would be more dramatic than this, a great image of a beautiful misfit… but at first glance, I feel it's a dull shot of a slightly stroppy girl.”

“I'm not a big fan of the cover,” saann agreed. “They could have done something so much better, especially with her image. She looks like a defiant little kid on the cover,” she added.

The cover isn’t exactly bad; it’s just a bit boring. I expect more from Vogue (maybe I shouldn’t?) but Lana’s sure to show up on the cover of something else any minute now, so maybe she’ll redeem herself.

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.