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The Prada LG Phone Brings Edward Norton and Daria Werbowy Together (Forum Buzz)

Prada has tapped Edward Norton and Daria Werbowy to appear in ads for their LG phone, and for forum members, this feels like casting heaven.

Prada LG ads - Edward Norton and Daria WerbowyPrada LG ads - Edward Norton

“Oh my god, seriously! I don't think I could have thought of a better combination, Daria and Edward Norton? That's pretty damn fine,” visualoptimism gushed.

Congacon called the campaign “exquisite, too beautiful for words!!!” Not too beautiful for exclamation points though.

Prada LG ads - Edward Norton and Daria Werbowy

Lamies022 wrote, “I love that this has the aesthetic of [Daria’s] old Prada ads. And the styling is so simple and yet spot-on.”

The phone looks a bit ordinary, though I don’t know how else I would expect it to look (maybe it’s preloaded with some beautiful Prada wallpaper background screens?). I’m too busy staring at Edward and Daria though, so who cares, right?

Images: twitter: lauragommans and VeljkoGavril via the Fashion Spot forums.