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Link Buzz: Victoria Beckham for i-D & Marni for H&M’s Video Commercial

  • Victoria Beckham for IDHey look! It's Victoria Beckham looking cute on the cover of i-D. She's such a cool mom, wearing that edgy leather-and-vinyl cap all sideways like that. [DesignScene]

  • Um, Imogen Poots stars in a Sofia Coppola-directed Marni for H&M video commercial shot in Marrakech. I've basically just typed out the single best sentence in the history of the world. The English language and our civilization can officially die; we've reached our apex; it's all downhill from here. No, but seriously: click through! [FabSugar]

  • All you need in life is to figure out how to work bold, bright hues into your beauty look. So stop dilly-dallying and go learn how to do it. [BellaSugar]

  • Nicki Minaj is such a crazy, demanding diva she insists on both ice cold AND room temperature water in her dressing room. Oh, and she wants ALMONDS. It's like she doesn't even have a soul. [AnythingHollywood]

  • The organization One Million Moms is boycotting JC Penney to pressure the company to fire Ellen DeGeneres because she's openly gay. Hmmm. Let me try to say something nice and neutral: anti-gay activists are just so driven. You would never call them lazy. They're always doing something, aren't they? Like all the time. [Starcasm]