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Kate Moss is Epic (As Usual) on W’s March 2012 Covers (Forum Buzz)

Kate Moss was photographed by Steven Klein for the two dueling W covers of their March issue, which they’re calling their Spring Fashion Bible. In one image, she is swathed in ethereal white lace, and in the other she is outfitted in black lace and leather with a vampy red lip. Both covers are dramatic and awesome; Kate and the W team definitely brought their A game to the cover shoot. Forum members were rightfully impressed.

Kate Moss by Steven Klein - W March 2012Kate Moss by Steven Klein - W March 2012

“Incredible. I swear, she's the greatest model in the world,” wrote ALAUU. “You could do anything to that face. It's like she's a blank canvas. I love this cover so much!”

Melancholybaby posted, “I'm speechless. Finally, a magazine that doesn't style Kate in the stereotypical rock chic attire but does something completely different.”

Psylocke commented, “I haven't been this fascinated by a magazine cover in a long time. This is just flawless, stunning and beautiful. From the white lace to her facial expression to the reflections on her teeth and in her eyes, everything about this just works and is completely gorgeous. So simple in a way and yet so striking.”

In addition to the fantastic Ms. Moss’ cover images, this Spring Fashion issue has nearly ten fashion editiorials (including more of Kate to marvel at). From where I’m sitting, this definitely looks like a “must have” issue.

Images: via the Fashion Spot forums.