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Kim Kardashian Goes the Natural Beauty Route on Allure’s March Cover (Forum Buzz)

Kim Kardashian Allure March 2012 coverKim Kardashian (and her entire family) is typically decked out in form fitting designer duds with dramatic makeup, so her cover image for Allure is a big change from the norm. Makeup artist Fulvia Farolfi made Kim up with a more natural look that I personally think is refreshing, but other forum members were not too pleased.

“My first thought was 'YUCK' and I don't mind Kim (I'll take her over Parisite any day),” wrote Label Basher. “I get a men's mag feel not beauty. They really missed the mark with this one.”

Kokobombon posted, “WTH?! She doesn’t look ‘natural’ but sick… and again this woman? Are there not any actresses out there trying to promote their movies?”

Urban Stylin was on my side, but he may be the only one. “I actually don’t mind it. She looks natural but you can still see that she has great skin and hair without the makeup.”

Kim Kardashian Allure March 2012Kim Kardashian Allure March 2012Kim Kardashian Allure March 2012

Here’s a behind the scene’s look at Kim’s Allure photo shoot:


Image: Celeb Buzz and via the Fashion Spot forums.