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Kate Moss is Kind of Paralyzed

I really like to sleep and I really hate to wake up, and Kate Moss totally feels me on that because the other day she woke up at the Ritz and her arm was paralyzed. She rushed herself over to the hotel doctor and was diagnosed with Ulnar Nerve Entrapment, a disorder which leads to temporary paralysis.

kate moss

Image via EgoistFair

The supermodel will surely get better soon, but she won't be able to help her husband, Jamie Hince, unpack once the couple moves into their fancy new mansion. Sounds like a blessing in disguise (since Kate Moss and I are secret soul twins, I'd bet she hates housework in all its forms just as much as I do), but it's still really bad news. Since it'll take months before the supermodel's arm heals completely, that means there'll be a total drought of Kate Moss editorials at the newsstands for the better part of this year.

No housework ≠ No Moss in mags, so believe me when I say we'll miss you, Kate! Get better soon.

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