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Kate Moss’s Vogue Japan Cover Fails to Impress (Forum Buzz)

Kate Moss - Vogue Japan April 2012 coverI don’t know if Kate Moss appearing radioactive on the cover of Vogue Japan’s April issue was intentional, but I do know that it doesn’t really work. I think the Glow Worms from my childhood (does anyone else remember those??) had more natural skin tones than Kate does on this cover. Forum members were not pleased with the image.

“Gosh. I wonder if this was shot backstage at the Louis Vuitton show. The lighting is soooo bad,” Starry posted.

Mikel wrote, “Awful! This kind of lighting does not work with a white background!”

YourMonster’s love for Kate made him a bit more tolerant of the image than most. “I love the image itself,” he shared. “For me it’s quite arresting and eye-catching and well—it’s Kate Moss so I could love the image just for Kate alone. In saying that, I don't think it's a good image to use for the front cover of the magazine, although Vogue Japan does have a somewhat questionable track record when it comes to choosing their final cover shot.”

There are some people who think that everything Kate Moss touches turns to gold, and though this image is more gold-tinged than most, it’s definitely not gold in a good way. Sometimes love (even for Kate) just ain’t enough. I’m having a real throwback kind of day, can you tell?

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums