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A Radiant Mischa Barton Attended the ‘Pieces of Heaven’ Art Auction (Forum Buzz)

Mischa BartonMischa Barton has been steadily regaining some of the Hollywood glamour that she had lost in recent years, and her revitalized look was on display at the ‘Pieces of Heaven’ Art Auction, hosted by Art of Elysium yesterday. Forum members were fans of Mischa’s ensemble and couldn’t be happier about how she’s been looking, and presumably how she's been feeling.

“The whole look is actually stunning, she could only iron the dress,” Versace-Goddess commented, voicing a minor gripe.

Nymphette posted, “I love the orangey coppery dress, it goes well with her darker hair color and coloring. The dress looks like it has that wrinkled texture that is part of the finish of the fabric. She looks glowing and happy!”

MulletProof did a good job of pinpointing the changes in Mischa that forum members seem to be responding to: “To me she just looks more put together and clean," she wrote. "Her eyes are wide open, she's smiling, something about her emits optimism, stability, and humility, which I've personally never seen in her before. I want to say it has nothing to do with changes body-wise but chances are she is working out… there's just more light in people's faces when they're exercising, and skin looks softer too, more relaxed… it also helps that she's been wearing lovely ensembles lately, with or without a stylist, she often seems to reveal her energy through her relationship with fashion… All she needs now are solid projects to get her career back on track,” she continued. “I wish she'd go with challenging projects by up and coming directors or just directors outside the Hollywood scene that can create buzz in festivals abroad. She still has so much potential and possibilities to make it to the big screen in full force.”

Let’s hope MulletProof’s wish comes true and Mischa keeps the good vibes going both on and off screen.

Image: tifan via the Fashion Spot forums.