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Nicole Richie’s Got Flare (Forum Buzz)

Flare April 2012 - Nicole RIchieNicole Richie covers April’s issue of Flare, Canada’s Fashion Magazine, while decked out in sparkly Roberto Cavalli. This cover isn’t the worst we’ve seen (by far) but forum members were largely unimpressed.

“She looks confused, like she doesn't know what to do,” KateTheGreatest commented.

Iriswills thought the cover lacked originality. “Flare needs to create its own look and stop being so much like Vogue (this time, the March Vogue Lady Gaga background color is enough for me to roll my eyes),” she wrote.

Psylocke posted, “The layout is weird. Nicole looks oversized in relation to the masthead and the text. And the outfit is too overwhelming against that background color. Plus, the empty sleeves kind of freak me out. This could have been a great cover if the editing had been better because I think Nicole looks cute and I like seeing her on fashion magazines but this just doesn't work.”

Now that Psylocke pointed out the empty sleeves they're the only thing I can see, and they're kind of freaking me out too. This cover probably would have been a lot better if they’d just ditched the jacket altogether.

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.