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James Franco’s Got a Knife and He Knows How to Use It? (Forum Buzz)

James Franco GQ StyleJames Franco was photographed by Mariano Vivanco for the cover of GQ Style Germany, and while they may have been trying for avant-garde and edgy, they only managed to make it to exhausted and creepy. If the goal was to make James Franco look like he’s contemplating life with one less eyeball, then congratulations.

“The knife just makes it bizarre,” thought Urban Stylin.

Pradable commented, “It looks cheap and unprofessional.”

Mikel is kind of sick of seeing James Franco’s face altogether. “Him again?” he asked. “Is he the only good looking fashionable actor around? I feel he is on the cover of every single bi-annual publication every season.”

While that may not literally be true, it would be good if the myriad covers he appears on are at least somewhat attractive. Or if they could at least curtail the creepiness then that would work too.

Image: teamvivanco.tumblr via the Fashion Spot forums.