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Jessica Simpson Bares All for Elle (Forum Buzz)

Jessica Simpson pregnant on over of Elle

With her appearance on the April cover of Elle, Jessica Simpson has officially joined the long list of pregnant celebrities (Demi Moore, Britney Spears, Heidi Klum, Christina Aguilera, etc.) who have posed nude for magazines. Based on responses in the Fashion Spot forums, it’s safe to assume that this issue won’t be a big seller among forum members.

Tigerrouge explained her opposition to the cover: “It reminds me of every other cover where a pregnant celebrity has been shown naked instead of stylishly dressed. Something which flatters their ego, garners some headlines, and fits in with the magazine's seeming inability to find fashionable clothes that will fit them. Bodies are beautiful, but so is a well-dressed woman.”

“OMG, this is soooo bad!!!!!!!!!! Do they really think I'd buy an issue with a cover like that??” liberty33r1b complained.

“I thought Elle was supposed to be a fashion magazine not a tabloid. I don't want to see a naked pregnant Jessica Simpson on its cover,” clo lamented.

Psylocke didn’t see anything about this issue to like. “A pregnant Jessica Simpson on the cover and an exclusive interview with Heidi Klum inside,” she noted. “Could this be any more uninteresting? I always enjoyed Elle US for its content, but all those celebrity features are getting lamer with every issue.”

Note to Elle: more fashion (or at least some fashion) and less naked pregnant ex-pop stars. Please.

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.