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Sean O’Pry Covers Vogue Hommes International’s Spring Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Hommes International Sean Opry

Much to the delight of Fashion Spot forum members, Sean O'Pry occupies the cover of Vogue Hommes International’s Spring 2012 issue. Sean’s smoldering eyes had forum members mesmerized and they were happy to see a model on the cover.

“What a great cover. Sean is killing it. I love the lighting and the colors,” Nepentheses posted.

Abracadabra wrote, “This is exactly why I subscribe to this magazine, glad to see Sean on the cover and it looks good.”

Fontastic had a more physical reaction. “Amazing. I cannot wait to hold this in my hands and hug it repeatedly,” he gushed.

I’d rather hold Sean in my arms and hug him repeatedly, but I guess looking at this will suffice. Look out for Sean (and fellow male model Jon Kortajarena) in Madonna’s upcoming video for “Girl Gone Wild”.

Image: Facebook/Vogue Paris via the Fashion Spot forums.