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Vogue Paris’ Fresh April Cover With Doutzen Kroes (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Paris April 2012 cover - Doutzen Kroes by David Sims

In a change of pace from their preferred arsenal of models, Vogue Paris has put Doutzen Kroes on the cover of its April issue, and many forum members found the choice to be inspired, even if they weren’t all thrilled with the resulting image.

“I'm really happy for Doutzen and it's such a great cover. Very clean, and Doutzen looks positively gorgeous,” clo posted.

“Kudos to them for them for the surprising choice of cover model and Doutzen looks lovely, as always,” Northern Star commented, but the praise from him ended there. “Unfortunately,” he continued, “it's totally generic and extremely mundane. Better try next time please.”

The sequined Givenchy styling may not be to everyone’s taste (or to most people’s taste for that matter), but for me, there is definitely something undeniably fresh about the way David Sims photographed this cover. Some forum members even touted this as "the best Doutzen has ever looked."

Image: Vogue Paris via the Fashion Spot forums.