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Amanda Brooks Resigns from Barneys New York (Forum Buzz)

Amanda BrooksAmanda Brooks, who joined Barneys New York early last year in the capacity of vice president and fashion director, has resigned from her position and will be relocating to England to pursue other opportunities with her husband, English artist Christopher Brooks, and their children. Forum members were surprised by the news of her departure.

“Wow, didn't see that one coming!” liberty33r1b posted. “Why would she quit a job like that? I really wonder what those ‘other opportunities’ are, or maybe she just quit to spend more time with her family in England?” she guessed.

HeatherAnne was also caught off guard by the news. “Wow, she certainly wasn't there long at all,” she wrote. “I really liked what she was doing at Barneys. Their blog, website, and brand promotion in general improved a lot under her. They also seemed to pick up a lot of great new brands in her short tenure. I hope whoever comes next can continue what she started. I'm excited to see what she takes on next.”

Brooks has been director of fashion at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, and creative director at Tuleh in the past, so her next move is tough to predict, but at least she’s keeping things interesting.

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.