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Izabel Goulart Goes Bottomless on Harper’s Bazaar Spain (Forum Buzz)

Harper's Bazaar Spain April 2012 - Izabel Goulart by Nico

Nico photographed a bottomless Izabel Goulart for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Spain’s April issue, and forum members found the provocative styling to be an inspired move. Seeing a model topless, even on a magazine cover, has for the most part lost its novelty and shock value. A bottomless shot is far more unusual, and this one happens to be quite tastefully done.

Producing a cover with a bottomless model is a daring move, and Psylocke commented, “I think that's the main reason I find this cover quite interesting. It's very rare to see covers where they don't show off bare boobs but go for bottomless instead. I like how the emphasis is entirely on her long legs and this cover certainly proves yet again that Harper’s Bazaar Spain is one of very few magazines that manage to create great covers when using such weird and unusual compositions.”

KateTheGreatest praised the cover’s simple graphic design. “I love how clean it is so the focus is on her legs,” she noted.

Urban Stylin laughed as he wondered “if photographers ever photograph [Izabel] with any clothes on,” but there’s sure to be an editorial in this issue where we can find that out.

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.