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Simon Spurr Leaves His Eponymous Label (Forum Buzz)

Simon SpurrDesigners have been bouncing around so much in the past year that it’s starting to feel normal, but the latest designer defection comes as somewhat of a surprise, as Menswear designer Simon Spurr has quit his eponymous label. The American designer co-founded his brand in 2006, but his departure at this time is especially surprising because his career seems to be on the rise at the moment. Spurr was nominated for the 2012 CFDA’s Best Menswear Award and was the recipient of the 2012 FGY Rising Star Award for Menswear just a few months ago.

Women’s Wear Daily reports that the reason for Spurr’s exit is unknown. In an email to the publication, he simply wrote:

“At this moment, I’m not at liberty to say anything about what’s gone on.”

“What’s gone on” seems a bit suspect and mysterious. I just want to know so that my mind won’t invent any crazy and implausible scenarios (I'll spare you). "What's gone on" sounds like something dramatic at any rate (or at least I’m imagining that it is).

“That's surprising news indeed,” wrote Psylocke. “I hope it means he's moving to another brand. I don't see why else he would give up his own label out of the blue; I'm under the impression that his line is quite popular? Do we know of any menswear labels that are looking for a new designer?” she wondered. “Or hopefully he's going somewhere where he will start designing women's collections, too.”

Thejarc assumed “possibilities are high that there is some serious trouble with the [brand’s] funding.” That doesn’t sound dramatic enough for the part of me that wants a juicy story, but that’s probably closer to the truth than any scenario I've dreamed up to fill in the blanks.

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