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Johnny Depp and Ashley Olsen Romance? (Forum Buzz)

Johnny Depp & Ashley Olsen

I wouldn’t have thought there was much to connect Johnny Depp and Ashley Olsen (and maybe there actually isn't) beyond their mutual involvement with this year’s CFDA Fashion Awards (she’s nominated for The Row, he will take home the Fashion Icon Award), but In Touch Weekly is reporting (so take it with a grain of salt) that the 48-year-old actor was seen not-so-secretly leaving the 25-year-old’s Tribeca apartment after what they’re calling a “sneak slumber party.” The reaction from forum members to this unexpected “news” item basically boiled down to “huh?”

Jomarlushka wrote, “Say what???? What's going on with Johnny?”

“I'm gobsmacked,” Not Plain Jane posted. “I didn't see this coming with Johnny Depp. He seemed beyond all this midlife crisis crap. It's so cliché and boring; he always seemed above all that, generally speaking, in his life and work (perhaps aside from trashing a hotel room or two).”

“To be honest,” dajrekshn shared, “nowadays, for me anyway, Depp looks like a caricature of himself, so I'm more in line with ‘What are you thinking, Ashley?!’” she laughed.

I guess Depp's moth-eaten hat in the photo above isn’t quite fetching enough for dajrekshn, or Party_Vixen for that matter. Even though most of us don’t really think the rumors are true, it can be hard not to get caught up and feel like you’re following the plot lines of a soap opera sometimes. I’m pretty sure if someone was seen creeping out of my house after a “sneak slumber party,” I wouldn’t want the whole world talking about it.

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