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Joan Smalls Gets Another Vogue Cover (Forum Buzz)

Joan Smalls - Vogue Australia May 2012

Joan Smalls got her first Vogue cover when she landed on the #overthetop Vogue Italia March issue, but now she’s snagged the cover of Vogue Australia’s May 2012 issue, and this is where she really shines. Forum members were pleased across the board.

“Holy smokes! Awesome cover!!!” fantastical posted. “She really does the dark, romantic kind of aesthetic really well.”

YoninahAliza piled on the accolades: “Joan looks absolutely divine! She's a complete stunner and I love the way she was styled for the cover. It might be a bit early to say this, but I think this is will end up being one of my favorite covers of the year, it's just so perfect… the photo, the pose, the styling, the text, AND the fact that they actually put her name on the cover,” she wrote.

Let’s see if Joan can pull off a hat trick and land another Vogue cover this year. She’s clearly on a roll.

Image: twitter/KirstieClements via the Fashion Spot forums.