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Gwyneth Paltrow to Play Pablo Picasso’s Lover in a New Biopic

Gwyneth PaltrowReady to feel like a sucker? The film industry is developing a Pablo Picasso biopic starring Gwyneth Paltrow opposite Antonio Banderas and you will watch the hummus out of it.

As you can surmise, Banderas will be one playing the part of Pablo, with Paltrow cast as the artist's Dora Maar (also a painter), a frequent subject of Picasso's many cubist portraits.

Elsewhere on the Internet, the Telegraph is freaking out about Paltrow's new role, because Picasso rearranged Maar's features for his paintings and Gwyneth is just too pretty to play such an ugly part, or something? "Her flawless skin and wonderfully regular features will have to undergo radical transformation if she wishes to successfully convey the surrealist qualities of Picasso's muse."

Not sure what's happening there. Either 1) the Telegraph is really, really bad at snark, or 2) the publication sincerely believes that either Maar actually looked like a Picasso painting in real life, or that's how the filmmakers intend to portray her. The final option would actually be a sweet choice, but even then — the burden of rearranging her face would fall not on Gwyneth Paltrow but on CGI.

image: FayesVision/