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Chloe Sevigny’s Hair is Still Kind of Weird (Forum Buzz)

Ever since Chloe Sevigny dyed her hair dark last year, it’s gone through several transformations, and all of them have been a little bit… off. She’s made the transition back to blonde, but forum members are not feeling the shaggy bob she’s currently sporting.

Chloe Sevigny at Jeffrey Fashion CaresChloe Sevigny at HBO Premiere of Girls

“Oh my God, Chloe,” atlantis wrote after seeing pictures of Chloe at the Jeffrey Fashion Cares 2012 event where she wore Proenza Schouler. “What… just what… has happened?” she asked. If it’s possible to choke out the words on a keyboard, that’s definitely what atlantis was doing here.

“Why is she fighting her hotness??” marjanthelion wondered. “I'm confused… with groomed hair and a light amount of makeup she looks out of this world good.”

Lelaid put it simply: “I just hate that haircut. It’s just horrid.”

The comforting thing about a bad haircut is that it’s always temporary. It’ll grow out eventually.

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