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Céline Bags Get Boring for Fall 2012? (Forum Buzz)

Céline’s new selection of bags for Fall 2012 hasn’t been met with the usual adoration in the Handbags section of the Fashion Spot forums. Posters seemed to come to the conclusion that there was nothing really special, new, original, or covetable about the upcoming crop of bags.

Celine Fall 2012 bagCeline Fall 2012 bag

“The metallic box is quite cool but the rest leaves me cold,” Thefrenchy admitted.

Wolkfolk posted, “It's almost as if they are running out of ideas. This collection is particularly weak.”

Celine Fall 2012 bagCeline Fall 2012 bag

“I think the other problem is that they've created such iconic and outstanding pieces that they're starting to scrape the barrel for ideas, hence such a weak collection of accessories,” Chanelcouture09 surmised.

Celine Fall 2012 bagCeline Fall 2012 bag

These bags aren’t bad in the least, Céline just happens to have set the bar very high for themselves when it comes to their handbags. I’m sure I wouldn’t say no if I ever received one of these as a gift, but nothing is really getting my heart racing. Though my eyes keep straying to that silver box, so maybe I’m just lying to myself.

Images: via the Fashion Spot forums.