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Olivia Palermo’s Charming Charlie Fashion Mistake (Forum Buzz)

Olivia Palermo Charming Charlie necklaceOlivia Palermo posted on her website about a visit to Charming Charlie to promote the nationwide jewelry and accessory store, but her high/low fashion mix failed to impress forum members.

“Love the skirt and shoes, not so much the rest,” wrote liberty33r1b.

“That necklace is huge and out of proportion!” lvstratus exclaimed. “She has been missing on accessories lately! The rest of the look is nice though,” she conceded.

“[The necklace] doesn't match with the rest of the outfit,” yesitsdagny observed. “She used to be so masterful in choosing the right accessories in the past, it's a pity to see her wearing such a hideous necklace.”

This doesn’t exactly make for a ringing endorsement for Charming Charlie. Olivia Palermo may have done more harm for the brand than good as far as forum members are concerned. We're not so easily charmed by Charlie, apparently.

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.