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Lara Stone Covers Vogue Netherlands’ Second Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Netherlands - Lara Stone by Josh Olins

The lovely Lara Stone graces the cover of Vogue Netherlands’ second issue in a clean close-up beauty shot by Josh Olins, and it’s definitely a step up from the publication's shaky April debut.

“That is such a beautiful cover,” wrote Psylocke. “Love the softness of it. Much better than the cover of the debut issue. I hope Lara has an equally gorgeous editorial inside.”

“So much better than the April issue!!!” Mr-Dale agreed. “This looks so much more Vogue-worthy than the last cover. And Lara looks amazing. Inside there's also an editorial with Rianne ten Haken and one with Iekeliene Stange,” he revealed.

Miguelameida posted, “This should have been the first issue cover! [Lara] was the one who put Netherlands models on the fashion radar, she was deserving of the first issue… but second is good as well, and this issue judging by the cover looks way more polished and charming than the first ‘Terry Richardson’ look-alike cover!”

We’re obviously fond of judging magazines by their covers here at the Fashion Spot, but hopefully the contents in this months issue will equal the cover and be elevated as well. If not, then at least we can look forward to Nika Mavrody writing witty captions to go along with each awkward image. It’s kind of a win-win situation, really.

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.