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Kate Middleton in Roland Mouret – Her Best Look Ever? (Forum Buzz)

Kate Middleton in Roland Mouret and Jimmy Choo shoesKate Middleton has gotten some flak in The Fashion Spot forums for perhaps being a bit too conservative with her fashion, and even shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood recently slammed the Duchess of Cambridge for her taste in shoes, which he considers too tame and not “princess-y” enough (never mind that the shoes he would like to see her in are completely hideous, that's another story). But when she arrived at an event at Claridge’s Hotel in London wearing Roland Mouret’s ‘Lombard’ dress and sparkly strappy Jimmy Choo ‘Vamp’ shoes, though some naysayers were still bored, other forum members were hailing the ensemble as her best look ever.

La Vanille was one such forum member. “One of her best looks ever,” she wrote. “Gorgeous, modern shape, and fabulous, non-frumpy shoes. Just great.”

YoninahAliza posted, “Wow! That's a killer outfit! I love the cream colored dress… it's very Kate but definitely something that’ll win over fashion people like us too.”

“She looks amazing, the dress is so chic I can't get over it,” Lacroix commented.

This is a great look for the Duchess. I have no problem with her erring on the side of caution and being a bit more conservative in her fashion choices. She is part of the Royal Family after all, and all eyes are on her. If she takes too much of a risk and makes an embarrassing fashion mistake, or tries for a high fashion look that’s unrelatable to the masses, she (and we) will never hear the end of it. She’s navigating the waters beautifully, and I applaud her for it. It can't be easy.

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