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Awesome or Awful? Lauren Santo Domingo’s Met Gala Gown (Forum Buzz)

We’ve all been ogling looks from the Met Gala the other night, but here’s one that you probably haven’t seen. It certainly isn’t making it onto most of the best dressed lists. Lauren Santo Domingo took a fashion risk in a look designed by Oscar de la Renta the other night, and forum members are thinking that it didn’t quite pay off.

Lauren Santo Domingo at Met Gala

The ensemble effectively rendered some forum members speechless and fumbling for the words to express their confused and jumbled thoughts. “I just… uh… what?” was as much as lelaid could manage.

LUXXX posted, “I, um… it looks a bit like an 80s debutante dress crossed with Princess Diana's wedding gown.”

“It's too much,” dajrekshn thought. “If those sleeves were a few inches less in their width it would've looked great.”

I have yet to find a commenter in the forums who is willing to defend this look. Does anyone out there think that it's awesome (in a good way), or is it just resoundingly awful?

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.