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Lindsey Wixson’s Sensual Numéro Cover (Forum Buzz)

Numero June/July issue - Lindsey Wixson by Sebastian Kim

Model Lindsey Wixson was photographed by Sebastian Kim for the cover of Numéro’s June/July issue, and though she just turned 18 in April, there’s a definite sense that she’s growing up, maturing, and making the move from cute to sexy (remember those recent makout photos of her by Terry Richardson?). This new Numéro cover isn’t the usual Lolita-sexy we’ve become accustomed to when it comes to Lindsey; it’s grown woman, femme fatale sexy.

“This is Lindseys best work by far. So much sexier than that junk with Terry,” jmrmartinho declared.

“I adore the pose and the sensual mood,” wrote Psylocke. “And it's a very eye catching black and white cover,” she added.

Ochi Chernye posted, “This is a perfect example of how sensual and sexual are two very different things. Terry's work is always overtly sexual, so it comes off as creepy [i.e. the makeout photos and everything else he does with lollipops/ice cream cones etc]. This cover, though, is all about sensuality so it works.”

These models seem to grow up so fast, don’t they?

Image: via the Fashion Spot forums.