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Victoria Beckham and ‘The Longest Journey’ Cover Interview Germany (Forum Buzz)

Victoria Beckham - Interview Germany June July 2012

If you can recognize Victoria Beckham’s face as it's obscured behind the cover of E.M. Forster’s The Longest Journey on the June/July cover of Interview Germany, then congratulations, you’re as obsessed with fashion and pop culture as the rest of us. Response to the cover in the forums was kind of all over the place.

Victoria Beckham - Interview Germany June July 2012

“I like the idea but something about it is off,” Psylocke commented. “I think it would have been cute if you would have been able to tell from her eyes that she's chuckling behind that book or something, it would have added more of a tongue in cheek element to it. But the way it is I only see a book covering the face of a woman and it's a bit… random?”

Stereo was not too crazy about the cover. “I'm always up for not-your-typical cover, but this looks weird and doesn't excite me a bit,” he posted.

On the flip side, Miss Dalloway raved about Mrs. Beckham's cover turn. “This is brilliant, I love the book she is holding (how perfect haha), and the fact that all you can see is her eyes peeking over it. So well done, and what I expect from Interview celebrity covers; to be a bit creative, and cheeky.”

Cheeky indeed. To prove that the former Posh Spice can in fact read and does not use books exclusively as a shield, there’s a shot of her within the magazine intently poring over the pages of the aforementioned title.

Victoria Beckham - Interview Germany June July 2012

Image: cover – facebook/Interview Russia; editorial – via the Fashion Spot forums