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Zimmerman Gets SunSmart for Shopbop

If you had a dollar for every rash vest you spotted on Bondi Beach you’d be, well, not that well off at all really. But Sydney kids Zimmermann are switching things up with a collection of sunsmart beachwear created exclusively for online fashion portal Shopbop.

Usually regulated to memories of Mum making you cover your entire upper half in stretchy neon spandex while your friends showed off tankinis in the Australian unconscious, this could prove the comeback rashies have been waiting for. These come printed not with fluoro sleeves and gaudy logos but intricate florals and tropical birds, but the best part is probably that they actually look flattering. There’s nothing like a buzzy print to take the focus away from a muffin top, and those who do want to show a little skin can opt for a cropped style.  

Get on top of the surf trend safely and snap one up over at Shopbop for around $200. You’ll want to wear it even if you can’t tell a surfboard from a snowboard, and if you pretend it’s all in the name of safety, Mum might even buy it for you.