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An Ethereal Florence Welch Covers Harper’s Bazaar UK (Forum Buzz)

Harper's Bazaar UK July 2012 - Florence Welch by Camilla Akrans

Florence Welch covers the July issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK wearing a gauzy Valentino couture gown while bathed in soft golden light in photographs by Camilla Akrans. Forum members were impressed with the images.

HeatherAnne posted, “Not only are they great covers for all the technical reasons by the Harper's team, but they also feel really authentic to Florence and her whole vibe. I find them super sexy.”

“Despite Florence's unconventional looks—borderline manly, almost—they made her look really ethereal here,” IAmLordZen conceded. “I guess it helps that the lighting isn't too harsh and the dress looks just about perfect on her,” he added.

YoninahAliza explained the draw of Florence and these cover shots. “There is something about Florence that just screams fashion, or perhaps I should say, style. She dresses in a way that doesn't feel forced; it just feels like herself. Which is why when she does fashion covers/editorials they come across feeling more intimate and real than a lot of editorials with celebrities who just seem to be trying too hard to be ‘FASHION!’ I'm having a hard time choosing which cover I like more because both are beautiful in their own way… now I can't wait to see the editorial!”

I can’t wait to see the editorial either. Take a peak at the video below for a preview a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot and Florence’s interview highlights.

Images: via the Fashion Spot forums.